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Hot Shoeing

​Hot shoeing,can also be referred as hot setting, or hot fitting. After trimming and balancing the hoof,  the shoe will be heated and placed on the hoof to set the area with precise balance where the shoe will be set. 
The purpose is to create a smooth interface surface between the hoof and the shoe. The  heat also can aid in killing any fungi and bacteria that may cause problems in the hoof. 
Hot shoeing is also useful in stabilizing shoes with clips. It is more time consuming to hot shoe a horse, but ultimately the end result is a better fitting shoe.

Farrier Services    
Qualified and professional farrier, Brady Buum, has over 8 years' experience and is a second-generation therapeutic farrier. Buum is an Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School graduate with a lifetime of equine experience. He offers a quiet and soft handle and gives every horse the special attention to maintain a healthy and balanced hoof. 
Cold shaping involves shoe bending or shaping without using heat.
Cold fitting can be described as the process of "hammer-leveling" a horseshoe and "rasp-leveling" a horse's hoof to create a balanced, level hoof.   Cold fitting is another reliable farrier application that can benefit your horse, especially in situations where hot fitting can not be tolerated. 

Full Set $140
Half Set $110

Therapeutic farriery is a service that must involve cooperation between veterinarian and farrier. Any Lameness can be challenging to manage and many times requires a teamwork approach including a veterinarian and a skilled and qualified farrier. This can include anything from tender hooves, to lameness diseases and confirmation errors. Therapeutic farrier work can range in price and time, based of such items as pads, custom shoes, plates, clips, and more. 

Prices Vary and are discussed prior to applying.
Cold Shoeing
Therapeutic Farriery
Barefoot Trimming
Hoof care is essential to the proper maintenance of your horse. Trimming the hooves insures they are worn down naturally preventing overgrowth, splitting and other disorders. Domesticated horses require trimming, exercise and other measures to maintain a natural shape and degree of wear.

Trims $50
Draft Horses/Ponies
We do offer farrier services for all equine breeds.